Rain 2011

While in the vineyards today, a much needed rainstorm came in over Morey Saint Denis. The rain is still going strong and has been reported even down in Volnay. Couldn’t be happier, but we worry at times like this of hail. Meanwhile, the vines must be thankful, as we all are, by this recently pressed page on Weather 2011. Thankfully, the rain has kept going very strong over the last 4 days. This is much excellent news as the rains have been generous and the temps have been in the low 50s.

All of this really shows you that you really are left in the hands of nature with wine. You have your plans, and plan to use your experiences (very limited in my case) to do better and then you are shown just how much you don’t have control over. With the vines looking as good as they are, its easy to trust that they will arrive in a healthy state. The fact that all of this is uncertain really makes you appreciate when everything comes together.


A peek out the window on June 10th



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