Book: Bourgogne en 1900

Reading older books is something that provides me with an enormous pleasure. What makes them special is also what can make them limiting, and vice-versa. They capture an original thought, exude a certain level of reality true to what was known up to and at that moment, though they are locked in a certain context of time. This of course is a large part of what draws me to books such as Lavalle and Morelot. Though, it is also of importance to place these thoughts and experiences into historical context by reading modern books and also, at times, books that provide more tools which flesh out a certain period of time.

A good example is this recent book, “Bourgogne en 1900”. This is mainly a collection of photos, adverts, postcards, labels and all types of other images which provide a detailed view into Bourgogne in the early 1900’s. There are too many things to point out, though one thing really caught my eye: an old advert for my pressoir. Exact producer, exact model. It really is quite fascinating to be reading about a region’s history some 100 years ago and spot an advert for a tool that you actually use.

Our E. Cherrau pressoir is on the far left

There are lots of interesting bits in this book that fill in a good many details about the culture, history, songs and sights in Bourgogne. This is certainly recommended reading/sight seeing for anyone interested in the history and culture of Burgundy.



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