2011 Growing Season Photos

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Here are a few shots from Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru “Les Feusselottes” and Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru “Les Chaffots”

Its fair to say that I’m a little excited…more to come

As a small update, we are currently forecasting September 8-10th as potential start dates


11 thoughts on “2011 Growing Season Photos

  1. Ray,

    Thanks for the info on your blogs. We really appreciate the info. My wife and I visited you in late May along with two other couples with Peter as our host. We were the group from Michigan and Toronto. We ordered as much of your 2010 vintage as was available from the source in the US. Our experience with you and Peter has opened up new horizons to us and something we truly enjoy, Lots to learn. Look forward to receiving our 2010 wines.

    Dave Cooper

  2. Great to hear that you are enjoying the blog, and that you enjoyed your time with us, David. Peter is brilliant with Burgundy, fun to see him in action. I do remember you, how did you like lunch that day? One of my favorite place. Thank you for the support in buying our wines. You did buy the 09s, right? The 10s aren’t offered in the US yet. Thank you again, and if you have any questions on your path to learning more about Burgundy, please don’t hesitate in asking.



  3. Thanks for the note. We did enjoy the lunch very much — the setting, food, wine and people were a great experience — a different world to us.
    Also, thanks for the feedback on or wine “order”. The day after we met with you Stacey exchanged emails with a retailer in Woodland Hills Ca — he indicated, i thought, that 09s were not available and we needed to place an “order”/get in the queue immediately for 10s. My mistake — 09s would be great. I’ve always enjoyed the history and cultures of different areas so I’m researching info on Burgundy — history, people, geography, wine history. Also, starting a slow and methodical process of learning what does ” traditional wine making Burgundy style” mean and its impact on our wines. Read an article on Marc Grenier’s vats last night — interesting. Any recommendations on books or articles that can help on this journey would be appreciated.


  4. Nice photos Ray. The vines are looking well groomed with nice tight, healthy bunches. Good job. Would love to come by during my trip 7-12 Sept, but I fear you will be ‘tres occupe’. I will be around Nuits for half a day at Domaine de la Vougerai, so I will try and seek you out if you are in the vines. Keep up the good work. Dying to try one of your wines. I actually work for an importer in Ireland, so I am not sure of the opportunities or even if you have availability. But who knows? Paul

  5. Hello David
    I will try to put together a short list, but I’d first say to subscribe to Burghound’s reviews and to go to burgundy-report.com to take in Bill Nanson’s blog and articles. Not sure what they are doing with the very small amount of 10s they will have access to, but they do have a small supply of 09s left

  6. Hey Paul, would be nice to meet you. Drop me a line when you are here. For the 09s, and 10s, the wines are already sold out. I do appreciate the gesture however.


  7. Well done, Dave! You should be ahead a great deal soon. I also recommend Clive Coates’ ‘Côte d’Or’ as well as Matt Kramer’s ‘Making Sense of Burgundy’



  8. Ray,

    Wow. These grapes look so much different from when I was there a little over a month ago. Glad to see the vintages is coming along so well.

  9. Ray,

    The 2011s will be very meaningful to me to drink give how we went out into the vineyards to look at the individual grapes. Thus, I am really hoping for a top notch vintage. Perfect weather from here on out.

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