150th Post: 2010 Malos are finished….almost

Just back from the lab in Morey Saint Denis, and I am quite content after seeing the results. Malolactic fermentations have completed without any additions aside from a small amount of sulfur on the day of harvest (not that I have anything against sulphur…) The only cuvée that hasn’t finished (or started yet for that matter) is Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru “Les Corbeaux”. Its been trailing everything else this year, so its not a surprise. I could rack off the wines that have finished malo, use some of the lees to jump start the malos for the ” Corbeaux” and then sulphur the just racked wines. ….but, doing this might add the vineyard signature of the vineyard and it really wouldn’t feel right. It would be the easier, safer thing to do, but I’d never know if I was tasting Corbeaux or the other vineyard. Just 15 minutes ago, went into the cave (while Christian and Bella are asleep) and sulphured the wines that just finished malo. There is a lot more to go, but it feels great seeing the wines progress and grow up in their own individual ways. The upcoming months leave nothing but topping up with more marbles since I don’t plan on racking. While the wines are tasting as they should, it is always great seeing 100% intuition get backed up by lab results.



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