Midnight Tank Diving

Fermentations have been going crazy. Of note, the lady bugs have been getting the hell out of dodge, with a good many leaving at a leisurely pace, whereas the pincer bugs have been swimming around, many showing up during todays punchdowns while the contents of the tank floated to the top. Some jacks, pincer bugs, but no lady bugs to be found.

So, back to the fermentations. Things have been bubbling away. The Monts Luisants was loaded up the highest and came in first. This morning, some bubbly wine came out the side of the tank, about two glasses worth. I punched down everything with my hands, thinking I’d go back tonight IF things bubbled more. Before punching down, the level of the grapes were an inch above the top of the wooden tank, pushing the canvas-like top in the air, with a bulge near the middle where the grapes pushed up the most. After pressing down, the level was 8 inches below the top, but the berries were all bloated with CO2, some popped when I crushed them like those plastic packing bubbles. Pretty cool actually.

Tonight, we get back home and Christian (my wife) says, it smells great. I’m thinking, yup, but its a little strong, I wonder how high the lid is off the edge of the top of the tank. We enter the tank, couple more glasses of Premier Cru Morey is on the floor, some is on the steel bit on the tank that hold the wooden staves and the lid is up 9 inches, supported by cap that pushed. Temp is holding as it was before at 30°c. Christian takes Bella into the house, I take a shower and grab some fruit cases.

I filled up four fruit cases with berries, some full, some empty, all being too precious to throw away….I did think about it though. I left the cases in the garage/cuverie and placed some plastic bags on them. We’ll see how they taste/small after the ferments die down. Might make a good couple of bottles to play with. I hopped into the tank and did the first punchdown, with the must coming up the my shoulders. Felt great. Took about 15 minutes in there trying to pop open a good amount of the grapes that had filled with CO2 that displaced the must. Bunch of froth everywhere, smelled wonderful. I took a few sips. Crazy to be immersed in alcohol and drinking some….need to do this more often.

I took a shower and hopped into the Morey Chaffots 1er Cru and it was at 34°c, even though it came in after the Monts Luisants. The level was lower, so nothing was pulled out. Showered again, cleaned the floor since I pulled out some grapes with me from the last tank and hopped into the little Chambolle 1er Cru Feusselottes tank that once help Le Chambertin. Pathetic amount of grapes there, but I drank a bit just to compare it with Monts Luisants.

In total, not a bad night cap.

Looking forward to next week.


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