2011 En Primeur Direct

Hello everyone,

it has been a busy couple of weeks since I last posted. In between posts, I released the offer for our 2011s to all of our existing Client List members. I’ve been able to personally speak with over 300 people by phone about our wines over the last two weeks. Its an interesting dynamic to be able to pick up a phone and to connect with someone that you may have never met, speak with them about wine and to form from that point a connection of sorts. 


The response so far has been beyond anything I could have expected. People have been supportive of us since day one. And, I think that this has been essential. When I was setting up an empty one car garage with my first couple of fermentation tanks, I could see how I could fit a few more tanks if I allowed them to nearly touch. I could see that I would have enough room to walk in between the tanks with a full fruit case in my arms, that the ceiling was high enough to allow me to stand atop a mass of grapes, raise my arms to the point where I was pressing off of the ceiling, pressing my legs deep into the grapes below me. What I couldn’t have imagined was that so many people would be behind me while I am going through each step of this journey. 


It puts things into perspective. And, while I have been well driven at nearly every moment over the past 40 months, there is something that must be said about the feeling I get when someone tastes the wines and enjoys them or when someone sends an encouraging message. Its a great feeling and one that I cannot altogether describe. 


All of this is to say that while business has been exceptional, it means a great deal more to be able to hear the voices and to see the faces of those that will one day enjoy our wines. There really is something tangible that is added to my day each time it occurs. 


I’m back off to bed. I felt restless, feeling the need to share this with everyone. 


Thank you again





One thought on “2011 En Primeur Direct

  1. Ray,
    I have been on your e-mail list for a while now. I cannot thank you enough for all the great insight into the life of a Burgundian vigneron. I have only tasted one of your wines, but it was well worth it! I am a sommelier and wine retail manager in New York City who dreams of following in your footsteps!
    In vino veritas

    Zach Groseclose

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