Gotham (a Penguin imprint) to publish my first book!

Good evening everyone!

I’m quite pleased to share even more news with you all. Just days ago, we finalized terms for an agreement on my first book that I am currently writing. The book will be published in Hardcover by Gotham, and imprint of Penguin with an projected date of May/June 2013.  The subject of my book will be a detailed account of the last seven years from knowing nothing about wine to starting a winery in Burgundy. While broad strokes have been provided previously, there is so much more detail that needs to be shared with everyone. I’m excited to place everyone in my shoes as it has really been (and continues to be)an incredible journey that I really never could have imagined.

I’ve always wanted to write when I was younger. And, through writing in this blog, I have been able to capture a small amount of snapshots over the past couple of years. Before arriving in Burgundy, I figured that perhaps in 20 years in I’d have enough material to make sense of writing a book. I didn’t know what type of book it would be. As it turns out, I have quite a bit to share with everyone, and I cannot wait to bring all of you along with me on this fascinating journey.

Thank you again for your interest and support



9 thoughts on “Gotham (a Penguin imprint) to publish my first book!

  1. Ray,

    I am looking forward to reading about the time, work and Love that have you have put into making Great Burgundy!!!


  2. When I first heard your story, I thought “that would make a great book.” I’m glad Penguin is giving you the opportunity to tell your story, and I’m looking forward to reading. All best.

  3. Thank you! I’m glad as well. I love writing and to find myself working with the same publisher that I bought my first book from at a book fair in 1987 is amazing, on so many levels. Really, this is all such an amazing adventure. Life is something. Eventhough you never know how much of it you have, it is wonderful while you are feeling it all

  4. Love the Bay! Which part are you from? I’m an East Bay native, but spent time in North Bay as well. Don’t miss it a lick but fond memories all the same

  5. Hi again. I was born in Oakland, and my family moved to the East Bay when I was young due to crime and violence. Like you, fond memories, and I love being there when I visit and miss my friends. But I’ve never been homesick and have no yen to move back.

    Sounds like your publishing karma has come full circle, and I envy that you had support and encouragement along the way as that’s something I did not when I pursued my dream. When you follow your passion and focus, amazing things can happen.

    Will definitely stop in again. Contact me, if you like.

    Wishing you all the best.

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