2010 Corks just came in!

After making a few changes to our cork design, I was a bit anxious to see what the new design would look like in person. We still have the same cork producer in Corsica. The changes I’ve made include a new logo on one of the cork heads, the other still has the vintage. Also Maison Ilan is now written in a different, clearer font and we now have our wooden press on the side of the cork. This same image is placed on our cardboard container.

Should have another delivery tomorrow…




10 thoughts on “2010 Corks just came in!

  1. Very nice, Ray! I like the press depiction on the cork’s side, and I always like it when a producer uses vintage-dated corks. Well-done, sir.

  2. Smart looking corks Ray. Have you been to Corsica ? Wonderful island – one of my all time favourite places besides the Cote :-). The Corsican people are brilliant.

    Trust everything else is ok – give my love to Morey next time you are passing through !

  3. Thanks, Mark! We’ve yet to visit, though we plan to do so quite soon.
    Everything else is going exceedingly well, no complaints! I will most certainly speak your name when passing by Chaffots and Monts Luisants!

  4. Thanks, Brian! It was done in the event that the label evaporates decades from now. I’m hoping that people keep them long enough for this to be a possibility.

  5. …small winery in Washington state (etates unis).. very interested in traditional methods..traditional use of barrels. how can one empty a lower rows barrel if upper ones filled? as in racking?
    stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for sharing. merci!

  6. That is a pickle, Marcus. Contact me via email and we can chat about it. One thing to consider is the use of a pump and then playing musical barrels. If not, as it is the case with us, you would need to have a bunch of help as full barrels can be heavy and dangerous (to those lifting as well as the wine).

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