Capsules have finally arrived!!!!!!!!

Just in time! Well, not exactly. These capsules were ordered over FIVE months ago. Turns out that there was an issue regarding the material and the machines to make the capsules which caused a majority of the delay.

That’s all water under the bridge as the most important thing is that my capsules are here, and they look beautiful! Of course this is a detail that many consumers actually overlook. It doesn’t do anything to make the wine taste better, but is an important detail anyhow. And I can’t see any reason to think less of one detail than you think of another. It is all a reflection for everyone to see of your work, but most importantly it provides a mirror for you to judge yourself with.

I couldn’t be happier with these capsules. Between this and the 2010 corks coming in yesterday I am more than happy with what I am being given just before my birthday this weekend.

Orders will start being placed in boxes on Monday and shipped shortly thereafter.

I want to thank everyone for being patient with Capsulegate. And I hope you all enjoy the photos.







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