Berry Sorting on a fixed table

This is a quick video (no, I won’t call it a ‘vid’) showing our sorting table in action. In fact, it is everyone else that is in action while the table stands still. Working in California, I noticed just how conveyor-belt style sorting tables would easily move damaged grapes past an unsuspecting harvest worker simply because one side of the berry looked perfect. It seems more thorough, in my view, to touch every single cluster (and in some cases, every berry) in order to see exactly what is about to be  your wine.

In case you are wondering how expensive this setup is, 50€ could get you everything needed plus lunch and a few beers for a friend. The best part is that I can’t think of one reason to switch to a conveyor styled version. The looks on the people passing by our door is great. Once they see it in use, they see why it is a great tool for precise sorting.




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