Prooftag samples in hand

Hello everyone
In light of our mounting security concerns, we have decided to place Prooftags on our bottles starting with the 2010 vintage. Thankfully, this is our second vintage, do only one vintage will have gone out without this specific security measure.

For those of you that are interested in learning more about how Prooftag works, visit Prooftag Site

In short, a Prooftag is an adhesive-backed sticker which most importantly features a panel filled with trapped bubbles in a unique pattern, specific to each numbered and coded tag. This is placed onto the capsule in a manner That straddled the bottle and capsule. When removed, there are traced of the tag being tampered with.

Using the code, you can visit their site to ensure that the pattern of your tag’s bubble set matches up with the officially captured image of the same tag. This ensures authenticity of the bottle in your hand.

I don’t expect anyone to want to counterfeit our wines, but you never know and it is clearly a beneficial precaution to take. One nitpick is that the red of the tag and red of the capsule don’t exactly match up. It’ll bug me but I’ll swallow the pill…for now.




2 thoughts on “Prooftag samples in hand

  1. Very cool, Ray. May I suggest that you not put any of the bottom three tags shown in the pic above to use, as all of the bubbles in each is visible in the picture. Cool stuff, this technology!

    – Brian

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