2011 SOLD OUT – Thank you for your support!

Hello everyone,

we’re just back from New York City. Back at home to enjoy the buildup to harvest. The weather, smells and vineyard visits will happily take a large amount of my attention away from “business”. In other words, I’m going to be getting dirty, planning harvest details, sorting equipment, as well as figuring out around 75 more details. You know, basically having fun. Taking payments is a blessing. Each client is really appreciated. But it’s a lot more fun to have people over, open up something for them and just enjoy the day with them instead of running through invoices. But, you have to keep the lights on, right? 


While August is early to sell out the previous vintage, it is still a good sight slower than what we did for the 2009s and 2010s (selling out in April/May). With the 2011s, we more than doubled our production. We still don’t have a lot of any particular wines, but we now source from five (going on six in ’12) Premier Crus, and three Grands Crus. I know it shouldn’t matter if we have a lot of something but to me, it just feels right to be on a smaller scale. So, while we had a tremendous increase in production, we are nearly at full capacity at our present levels. To sell out this early, we needed a lot of support from our direct clients scattered throughout the world as well as five importers (UK, US, Denmark, Germany, and Belgium). I thank all of you for taking an interest in what we are doing here. Support doesn’t just come from those buying, it also comes from those that visit and ask questions while tasting/enjoying our wines. I appreciate you all as well. 


With 2012’s harvest just right around the corner, you can count on more of the same from us. The weather has been all over the map, but the grapes, vines and leaves look beautiful. We won’t be making adjustments. Keep in mind that my thoughts on wine don’t have anything to do with thinking we are doing things “the right way”. I just like doing things in a way that I find interesting. Who knows if this will work for or against us. One thing is for sure, it’ll be an experience!







3 thoughts on “2011 SOLD OUT – Thank you for your support!

  1. Nice one Ray, congrats on the 2011 sell out.

    Trust family are all well.

    2012 so far sounds like some challenge indeed (visited Cyprien Arlaud & David Clark end of June – sorry, no time to call to you).

    Am hoping to be in MSD for the vendange as usual but daughter’s starting University might compromise. Whatever, best wishes for your vendange sir !

    You supped all that English beer and port from last year yet 😉 ?


  2. Hey Mark
    sorry for the late response, mother in law just flew in (oh please give us a joke)!

    Let me know when you are here, wishing for you to try the 11s…even the “white”

    and yes, supped well, thank you! Did you crack you bottle yet?

  3. Morning Ray,

    Another cool, grey, dank one for this bank holiday weekend in the 2012 non summer of North West Britain 😦

    My apologies this time for being tardy and also for referring to port when I should have remembered ‘Madeira’ !! Trust the mother in law is suitably impressed by your burgeoning empire & sucess 😉

    Since my first mail my daughter has now had her end of college (high school ?) exam results – we call them A Levels but guess ‘Highers’ could be a description. Am pleased to say (vendange considerations aside) she has blitzed them beyond expectations & now has a place starting 17th Sept at the University of Manchester (a highly rated university over here) to study English – done well to get on the course as the Uni takes about only 1 in 16 applicants – 3 year course. Supporting her financially will mean an end to my Burgundy or other serious wine buying for the foreseeable future but Charlotte comes first of course (only child).

    Major looking downside for now though, with need also to get her installed with gear into her University accomodation (from 13th Sept) is that I’m guessing the dates, when I have to be here for her/wife, will coincide / scupper entirely any vendange plans. I’m just about to email Cyprien Arlaud to see where we are at – I guess a late September vintage won’t happen.

    Will be desperately disappointing to put it mildly if I do miss the vendange (would be my 6th) which will likely mean I probably won’t get to Burgundy until 2013’s vendange. Would love to taste your 2011’s (have tasted some of Cyprien’s from barrel) but it looks like it might be a case of ‘not to be’.

    We’ll see but wishing you well with your harvest this year of course. I’ll look forward, probably with max envy, to reading more of in due course.

    Re the bottle of 2009 Chaffots you are not going to persuade me to drink that anytime soon !! I don’t do infanticide (generally) and am targetting 2019 or later 😉 . I’ll eagerly look forward also to my 6 pack of Chaffots 2010 to come via A&B in due course.


    Mark G

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