A Brief Look at Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru “Les Feusselottes”, 2012

Hello everyone

it’s been busy around here lately with harvest approaching. I’ve also been busy writing the manuscript for my first book, The Road to Burgundy which has an estimated publishing date of July 2013. I’ve completed the first draft, and have already completed the majority of the first round edits. I received a preview of the hardback’s jacket art and cannot wait to share it with everyone shortly as soon as the publisher says it’s fine.


I’m nearly set up with just a week to go before our first fruit gets picked in Morey Saint Denis Premier Cru “Les Chaffots”. I’ve been going through all of the vineyards trying to get an idea of the state of the fruit at present. Unfortunately, two vineyards won’t be picked this year, Santenots in Meursault (Volnay) and Corbeaux (Gevrey). On top of that, Charmes-Chambertin will be at roughly half of the expected yield, meaning we should have around four barrels instead of eight! All three of these have had trouble with the conditions this year. But the blessing that needs to be focused on and thankful for is that all of the other vines have beautiful fruit hanging on them, including Charmes-Chambertin!!


Last year we brought you a small amount of videos. I liked putting them together, but I knew I could do better. So, this year, we will be documenting quite a bit of the harvest and sharing a good many with you all. Just two days ago, I went out to Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru “Les Feusselottes” and did a test run of a vineyard walkthrough. The four of you that have actually seen my vimeo movies have expressed an interest in their being voice over or frankly any sound at all. So, starting with this video, I will make sure to deliver videos with sound. 😉





12 thoughts on “A Brief Look at Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru “Les Feusselottes”, 2012

  1. Can’t wait to see the vimeos..it will be nice to have you guide us through the process. Happy Harvest!
    Barbara Bernier

  2. Hello Phillip,
    I had discovered them for the first time while shooting. There were no white grapes harvested from the vineyard last year, not even a bunch. So, these may be susceptible to being tricky in some vintages or maybe just vintage 2011. As for what they were, they had the look of Chardonnay to me. But, I’ll get a better look at the leaves when I go back to make sure. Will update you.

  3. Thanks, Howard! Now that i know how to do the voice over I will go back and do audio for all of the audio on the Burgundy TV channel on vimeo. I agree that it adds a lot to the experience.


  4. Hey Chris!
    Usually herbicides unfortunately. But, in other vineyards plowing does the turn over work, reinvigorating the land. More work, but it is best for the life in the soil.

    Some grass does still grow, as well as flowers, but not much.

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