No Pro’s Allowed means that we need more impressions on CellarTracker!

Hello (again) everyone!
With my recent decision to ask professional tasters to not publish any reviews on our wines, a lot of people will be left in the dark on how the wines are tasting to you at a particular moment in time. In fairness, even a brief snapshot is helpful, though I find them to be too focused a shot on something that is constantly in motion.

Either way, their is use in impressions as long as they are not considered to be ‘The’ impression of a wine and the one impression that is used to define a wine for its complete life. To borrow another camera analogy (what?) I view it as taking a photo of an object that comes into frame for just a second before zipping by and darting off into one of many paths. There is no way to know exactly what the wine will be like down the road or in which direction it finally settled on before darting off again.

Alright, so we will move on before the soapbox crushes under my weight. To this end, while concrete notes from a voice deemed to be all knowing is of decreasing value to wine in general (in my opinion), I can see clearly that the equally distributed weight given to everyone is going to become increasingly important in the world of wine, as well as other arenas. With this considered, it would be helpful if more people gave their honest impression of our wines that they’ve tasted and or their complete experiences while at our winery or otherwise. While there may be times that a wine doesn’t show the way I, you or we’d like it to, I believe that overall this would be a help to all of us to have noted experiences to share with everyone.

Here is a list of all of the impressions on CellarTracker at present:

Please do keep in mind that I won’t ever take it personally however you find my wines to be. So, for example if you are on my mailing list and wish to stay on it, you don’t have to feel that complimentary things need be said. I’m in this for the long haul.

Thank you again for everyone’s interest and support, it certainly means something to me!



Fine print: First 101 point review gets a Maison Ilan t-shirt, waffle maker and slightly used box of Sea Monkeys.

One thought on “No Pro’s Allowed means that we need more impressions on CellarTracker!

  1. Hey Ray, my wife and I saw the program, really great stuff and proud of you. We have always enjoyed good food and good wine. We love to cook, and I actually tried my hand at wine making when I was a teen. We haven’t made it to France yet, we are from Michigan, but we will look you up when we do. By the way, maybe you could find a winch to help get those barrels. Out of the cellar.


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