Commercial for Upcoming No Reservations Burgundy Episode

With Tony and Ludo at Caves Madeleine in Beaune

Hello everyone
I’ve been a fan of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservation” since the first episode many years ago. So, it is a surreal pleasure to have been able to meet him along with Chef Ludo Lefebvre when they were in Burgundy shooting a recent episode of the show. Just days earlier I had been contacted by the producer introducing herself and the show before I enthusiastically expressed how much of a fan I am of the show. To top all of this off, I will be appearing in the episode which is one of those geeky things that I’ve thought about before,but figured there was no way of it actually happening. “How do you think it would be to hang out with him? You think he’s really like that in person?” turned into “Damn, that was an amazing experience. I’m just glad with the three of us down there that they were able to get some audio besides bleeping us out. Must be the best sound editors in the business…

This is just the commercial. The full episode should air on October 1st on the Travel Channel.

Well, enjoy the video!

30 thoughts on “Commercial for Upcoming No Reservations Burgundy Episode

  1. congrats ray.

    tony always seemed to play down his wine knowledge, not to mention his aesthetic always was kind of contra wine geek. always suspected he was playing dumb, as to be head chef at a place like ‘les halles’, you would probably need a good working knowledge of french wine. did tony seem to know his stuff to you?

  2. Thanks, Nick. He seemed knowledgable but the good thing about how he asks questions is that he lets the other person in the conversation explain things without feeling rushed. Excellent interviewer that can guide a conversation without leading too much. Great guy to spend time with, hope to get the opportunity again.

  3. ray, bourdain, caves de madeleine with rousseau & mugnier opened on the table – some of my favorite things!

    congrats ray!

  4. Hi Ray, We just watched the A.B. episode on Burgundy. It was great. It is obvious why you have chosen to live and work to produce great wines in Burgundy. Congratulations on your outstanding results and successes. We enjoyed your segment of the show especially since we now have another wine to put on our “must try” list. What will be the next vintage that we “might” be able to get our hands on, either retail or via futures? All the best with your future vintages.

  5. Well, I quite simply MUST try your wine after watching the episode.
    time to do some digging myself, and to see if my wine guy can scoop something up from you. Kudos to you Ray for following your dream, very inspirational story, it may have just pushed me to follow mine as well!

  6. Cool. It was really neat the double take that Bourdain took when he first tasted the wine. I think he expected it to be good and to be polite to you, but was shocked when the wine was much better than he expected. Either that, or he is a great actor.


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