For those interested in joining our Client List

Hello everyone

first of all, let me say thank you for viewing our blog, and I appreciate you stopping into the website as well. I’ve received an overwhelming amount of requests for those of you that are interested in joining our mailing list. This Client Request Form is located here:

If you are interested in simply following our progress, you can of course follow us on Twitter:

@MaisonILAN or subscribe to updates from this blog in the upper right-hand corner.

If you’d like to see some videos I’ve put together on Burgundy (I need to do voice on many of them still, but it is a start):

If you ever have questions of any sort, please don’t be shy. If I can be of help, I will. If I’m uncertain, I’ll still try my best.

What I ask in return is patience in responding. This is the trade-off for not having automated emails. Every email is personal and I believe it best to treat it with the respect that they deserve. This takes time, so I do appreciate your patience.

Once again, thank you for your interest in what we are doing.




4 thoughts on “For those interested in joining our Client List

  1. Ray, I bought wine in Atlanta at Le Cave and the manager said that he had talked to you and had email correspondence with you which thrilled me as I have just started following your career and accomplishments. We hope to be in Burgundy next spring. Lewis

    J. Lewis Sapp

  2. Thanks for the note Ray – if I can assist you in recording voice overs, I would be honored and would be happy to provide my voice gratis.  If you are interested I can provide links to samples! Barry __________________________________________Barry ‘CB’ MartinCurious-About-Food Writer206.498.5645FacebookLinked-InTwitter

  3. I would like too purchase a cru were can I do this I’m located in Northern California ,it would make a great birthday gift for my wife , do you have a web site or are their stores I can go to thanks

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