POV 2012 MAISON ILAN Harvest Video

Maison Ilan’s 2012 Harvest Film from Maison ILAN on Vimeo.

Hello everyone
Here is a nearly eight minute video showing a POV experience at Maison Ilan! Get on your boots and push play! Maison Ilan’s 2012 Harvest Film

10 thoughts on “POV 2012 MAISON ILAN Harvest Video

  1. Great video – very educative. Going to help with the harvest at a Danish vineyard on Saturday (http://www.vincenter.dk/). Looking forward to getting some training so that I one day can help harvest in Burgundy.



  2. Thank you for sharing. I thought, however, that you had your own vineyard. Is that not correct? Do you have to pay the vineyards that you source from?

  3. Thanks for watching. We don’t own any of the vineyards that we buy grapes from. We buy the grapes from the vineyard owners and then take the ball from there

  4. Thanks Andreas! I’d like to do something with a lot more educational value but I figure that this should provide a good look behind the curtain so to speak

    Thanks again for watching!

  5. Okay. I’m sure you’ll have your own vinyard one day. I first became aware of you by watching Anthony Bordain’s “No Reservations,” and immediately went to your blog and I hope that one day I will be able to buy one of you bottles of Burgundy. 🙂

  6. I caught the video on WB, yesterday. Nice work, Ray. I really, really like the low key voice over you do on the videos. It’s not distracting at all. Now how about one or two videos of what happens when the grapes arrive in NSG. 😉

  7. Great video Ray, interesting to see the size and barrel prep, I look forward to more videos, the detail is great.
    Picking on a nice fine day and the grapes looked in great shape, not sure I could manage crouching to pick like that for long… Cheers Mike

  8. Hey Chris
    thanks for taking a look at it. I’m learning what works best on the voiceovers. I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing, really. But, it’s fun!
    I’m trying to piece together some lighter footage for what happens here once the grapes are here. Processing, sorting, those were lightly covered in the first video, but I will put together more heavy footage for when we are pressing Chambertin and Mazoyeres-Chambertin next week. Hi-def of course!

    Speak soon



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