7 thoughts on “Random photos of our new labels at printer

  1. Good morning, I hope that this email finds you and your family well. I don’t know if I’ve been mentioned to you by Mr. Matt Bowman, but my name is Felicia Shelton and I’m an American blogger and photographer residing in Paris. I would love to meet you in person (first saw you on Anthony Bourdain’s show) and feature you and your story and creation on my new website. I will launch the site this month and it will feature people whose work I admire and respect, who create something beautiful. During the months of February and March I will only work on my own interests and the site is integral to all that I’m going to accomplish in this respect. Would you be open for me to come and possibly photograph you and learn more about your wine, how you came to wine. I think your story is amazing and it’s just the beginning. Have a lovely day and keep up your inspiring work! Sincerely, Felicia Shelton Blog: http://www.nearandfar.wordpress.com Portfolio: http:///www.felicia-shelton.com email: felicia.shelton@me.com

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