2011s – update

Hello everyone

we are pleased to announce that our 2011s will be bottled/labeled (labels thankfully are already in hand(yes, capsules as well)) in inside of the 45 days. They will then be shipped to the warehouse in Beaune before being shipped to all destination points.  We previously had plans to bottle around February, but with the weather being as it was, we opted to allow the wines more time in barrel. It is our thought to not rush the wines or to perform bottling inside of a period of rapidly changing weather. This is for many reasons, among which is a desire to not have a rush on what we are doing as well as providing some level of consistency during this moment of change for the wines.

We aren’t by any means naturalists or the type to follow strict timing on these things, but it seems best for wines that we hope will last for generations to not place them under any timing restrictions or haste. Adding to this, I am beginning to question more about the timing of release on my wines. The typical 18 months in barrel seems more of a result of wanting to free the cellar than anything else. We want the best for our wines and so we are searching for more cellar space to allow us the freedom to hold our wines longer in barrel. There are a few that have expressed an interest in receiving our wines quickly. To those I have apologized and hope that others will understand my motivations.

While I make it a point to never speak or put in writing my thoughts of my own wines I can say that the wines have enjoyed the extra time to rest. We are quite pleased with the results and are encouraged to continue with extended maturation in all used barrels.

Thank you for your patience



4 thoughts on “2011s – update

  1. Personally, this philosophy is one of the reasons I buy your wines. Thanks for the attention to detail.

    -Adam Kuehn

  2. Doesn’t this have you bottling your 2011s right around or just after harvest? Wow!!! I wish I was young again and could do 2 things at once.

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