Book signing at the Athenaeum de la Vigne et du Vin with Hugh Johnson & Clive Coates


More on this later but to say the least, Hugh Johnson’s Atlas was the first wine book I ever purchased and Clive’s Cote d’Or was the first book on Burgundy that passed through my hands. It made a huge influence on my development as well as obsession in Burgundy wines.

To sit at the table with these two is simply indescribable…but ill do my best later.

For now, a few photos with Clive Coates, Hugh Johnson and myself at the signing in Beaune during the Vente des vins des Hospices de Beaune the weekend before last. These were film prints. I’ll have some scans up soon

I really admire both of these guys. I’d met Clive before but this was my first time meeting Hugh. Legends don’t begin to describe them. And if you haven’t met them in person you are missing out, great humor and laughs!




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