Hold Tight, 2011s coming – can’t rush rain

The last week + has been filled with rain. Having a setup involving the use of actual buckets during the transportation of wine from our cave to the tank exposes the wine to rain if any is present. As such, each day we have had to further extend the estimate of when the 2011 wines will be available to be picked up by the importers.

The other option is to use pumps. This option is not an option. The best thing go do is to wait out the rain. The first day we have without rain will have us starting on the grands crus.

I’ve been hearing chatter here and there regarding the timing we have at Maison Ilan. I completely understand when folks come from other wineries or other aspects of their lives that live or die by the delivery of goods on a specific date. From where I sit, rushing something that will in the end be inferior as a result doesn’t make too much sense for me. A stapler, shoes for the kids, a document needing approval, sure. But when a client wants something from me, from Maison Ilan, they are receiving the best that I can do.

No shortcuts, easy routes, cost cutting or storage space-based decisions are made at Maison Ilan.

In my estimation, the 2011s will be ready to shipped from my door to all importers within a week.

Each 2011 terroir has been bottled and is ready to go besides the three grands crus.

The time in barrel has proven to be of benefit to the wines.

Thank you for being patient in the spirit of wanting the best from us.


Ray & Christian Walker

3 thoughts on “Hold Tight, 2011s coming – can’t rush rain

  1. Ray, not sure why the rush. These wines are made for aging in any case. Keep making them the best you can. Thanks so much for your diligence.

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