I’ll make this quick and to the point – Echezeaux 2013 and 2014

Hello Everyone,

this entry will be a bit of a departure from my typically wordy…’style’. Nope, this time I am straight to the point behind my posting. Some of you are letting out sighs of relief. Shame on you.

Anyhow, as a negociant, I have the ability to purchase grapes, wine in barrel/tank or even in bottle. Since the beginning it was made clear to me that it was much easier to find wine than it was to find grapes. With my lack of initial understanding of this concept of not wanting to do less work, have all of your grapes sold and not have to worry about where to store barrels I was often frustrated in having Clos St Denis, Richebourg, Clos de Beze, Morey St Denis 1er Cru Clos Sorbe and many others offered to me when I couldn’t break from my focus and passion for buying the grapes and doing all of the production bits myself. To be fair, alright – all of these producers had more experience than me and a few were favorite producers of mine. However, one gripe stood in the way.

It wouldn’t be my wine!!!!!!!! How in the world could I sell a wine and act like it is my own when someone else did all of the work? Sure, there are major financial considerations….to consider. And sure, more Euros would be nice, especially when we haven’t had a bountiful harvest since 2009. But if I put the money in my pocket in this manner, by going against what I am personally passionate about, I feel like I would be selling or cheapening what makes me get after it and pushes me study on my profession with great pleasure.

So, here is the deal. I was offered some 2013 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Folatieres, and some 2013 Echezeaux, both in barrel. By shaking hands, I walked into Echezeaux 2014 forward in GRAPES! The grapes were offered in connection with the wine. Where does that leave me? Well, I could sell the wines as Maison Ilan wines and not say a peep. They are damn good at the moment. I could also just create a second label for when these situations come up. But the choice was simple, since the first two weren’t options at all, more like a ‘why the fuck would I do that?’ scenario. I’ll be buying the 2013 wines, and selling off to another negociant – at a cheaper price than I will buy it for if need be. I’d rather lose money in the pursuit of my passion than tainting what wine means to me.

We should produce around 2+ barrels of 2014 Echezeaux, our fourth Grand Cru! Whatever I have to do to get to this point I will gladly do.



10 thoughts on “I’ll make this quick and to the point – Echezeaux 2013 and 2014

  1. C’mon, man! Just bottle the wines with only the BATF info and sell them to us original list members. I’m sure we can tell the white from the red! And we can also tell you whether the Echezeaux is worth pursuing. Too often it’s like kissing your cousin — legal, and all, but … . – Ralph .

  2. Lol. Ralph it wouldn’t be the same though. If folks want it I could sell it at cost. But I wouldn’t want to make money on something I wasn’t passionate about.

  3. Why not sell it “at cost,” Ray? Just add the appropriate shipping and handling fees. Obviously you’ll have your own notions as to how the grapes should be treated going forward, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some feedback from customers, who might find some aspects, for good or ill, more pronounced or less than you do — e.g., “green meanies.” – Ralph

  4. Thought about that. But I worry that there would be confusion going forward for the vineyard. “Hey, buy the x, his Echezeaux is always bought in wine”. You know that kind of thing. A few people contacted me saying they’d take it at cost. You never know. I just don’t wish to confuse anyone or to dilute Maison Ilan.

    Also, the 23 would be completely different than my 14 hypothetically. There is around
    30% new oak fwiw. I do 0%…just to mention one tiny aspect which I focus on.


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