– 2011 US Private Client wines have shipped!

Hello everyone,
I’m writing to you tonight to share a bit of news as well as changes at Maison Ilan. The first thing to mention is that the 2010 Gevrey-Chambertin Les Corbeaux orders will be arriving Stateside in roughly 30 days. As some of you know, these bottles have delayed some orders from being released. Also, it is with great pleasure that I can share with everyone the news that the 2011s (destined for the Private Client list)  have been picked up today and are heading to the US as we speak!! Wineflite will contact all US clients once the wines have arrived Stateside. Rest assured, they will make sure to take weather into account when scheduling deliveries and and holding wines for those that wish

I know, I know, they should have been resting in everyone’s cellars by now. I completely agree. So, with the wines having been bottled more than a few months ago, why have the wines taken until now to ship to the private clients? And why did the importer wines ship before the private client wines?

What we are trying to do with our private client list is simple, at least it should be. Simply put, I love going direct to our clients. Sure, importers are our clients as well. However, with private clients we are able to have a direct connection with those that are enjoying our wines. It means a lot for us to know who is going to be receiving our wines once they leave our winery. On top of this, selling all of our wines to an importer means that we aren’t able to build personal relationships with those that support us directly.

Since our first vintage, we have had a strong interest in going direct to our clients, especially in the US where the wine laws are complex. We didn’t have a model to follow as we didn’t know of anyone else doing this and so it has been a learning process as we have refined the connection between our clients and our winery. The first and second vintages saw our wines being brought in by our importers. They brought the wines in for us as an additional service, which was outside of what their core business was since they believed in the future of a direct model.

Moving forward with our third vintage, the 2011s, the importance of finding a permanent solution that would meet the needs of our clients was clear. The solution is Wineflite, a company which specializes in connecting wineries with their clients, one of the most important aspects of our winery. While the need for this solution was clear, we were not prepared to make the switch prior to the 2011s being bottled. The 2011s going to the importer were shipped right after bottling, while the private client 2011s awaited a streamlined solution.

The wines will arrive to your door without you having to work out importation details just as before, but you can now think of Wineflite as your personal shipper, dedicated to bringing your wines from our cellar to your doorstep without unnecessary complications. We appreciate that the road to this point has been a learning experience, but we are confident that these refinements to our winery shipments will provide a great benefit to everyone.

– Further Efficiencies

Our ordering process has at times been more complicated than it needed to be. The idea was simple enough, literally calling every single client that has placed an order. While speaking with everyone during this time has been enjoyable for us, we have come to the decision that this part of our business could use a modern update. We are currently developing an online ordering website that will allow vintage offers to be viewed, orders to be processed, and visibility on shipment updates. We believe that this will provide our clients with a better purchasing experience.



Ray Walker
Maison ILAN
Côte d’Or, France

6 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Ray,

    Great to learnt that 2011 is start shipping out. What is your plan to ship to other regions. I leave in HK. I still haven not get any clue when my 2011 will be shipped. Any update will be appreciated.


    Anthony Ho

  2. Dear Ray,

    I have been a supporter/purchaser since your first commercial release, but you never added me to your client list despite my having requested it. Please do.


    From: Blog Maison Ilan Reply-To: Blog Maison Ilan Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 1:33 AM To: Microsoft Office User Subject: [New post] 3133 Ray Walker posted: ” – 2011 US Private Client wines have shipped! Hello everyone, I’m writing to you tonight to share a bit of news as well as changes at Maison Ilan. The first thing to mention is that the 2010 Gevrey-Chambertin Les Corbeaux orders will be arrivin”

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