6th year in Burgundy, 2013 Futures Window Closing +


5 Harvests down, on to number 6   /   2013 Maison Ilan Futures Window

Hello again Everyone,
I wanted to reach out to everyone tonight to say a few things about the support that we have been given and what it has meant to not only my family but to the growth and success of our winery. It hasn’t been too many years since I was in California dreaming about getting my hands dirty with grapes, watching every wine show on TV that I could find, reading every last sentence within any wine book I could get my Hands on. I was and still am obsessed with wine. With just five short years under my belt here in Burgundy, I approach the visit to the vineyards with the same excitement as I did when I first visited in January of 2009. I still nudge Christian and the girls while pointing to some beautiful angle of the slopes that I couldn’t let them miss. As much as I feel at home in Burgundy, the reality of it all has escaped me, I can’t believe my place in Burgundy is where we call home and the birthplace to two of our three children. 

And as much as I am what I Call a practical optimist I can see now that all of this crazy jump off of the cliff and hope for a cozy landing could have gone a million different ways. I didn’t care about that at the time, I just wanted to jump, the rest didn’t matter since the ground beneath me had never supported what I really wanted out of life anyhow. What I found was more than a path towards producing wines in the land that I Love, but a life for my family as well as an overwhelming amount of support for what my Vision was. That did and still does mean quite a lot to all of us. We appreciate the support you have given to us over these past five years and promise to continue to let our passions drive us towards providing individual wines and increasingly refined customer service. 

While thinking of the significance of 2014 being our 6th vintage here in Burgundy, we figured it would be as good as time as any to share a bit of news. This year we are set to start production on our 4th and 5th Grands Crus that we purchase in fruit. We will have more news on this later. 

2013 Futures Window Closing Soon

Everyone has been incredibly supportive of our winery during this Futures campaign. With such a small vintage as well as a new importer in U.S., we are now in the process of closing down the 2013 Futures Campaign. We all thank you for supporting our winery and for so many of you passing along your experiences with our wines at home as well as when visiting us in Nuits Saint Georges or at the Abbey de la Bussiere. 

Thank you again!

Ray and Christian Lili Walker
Maison ILAN
Côte d’Or

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