A moment of reflection – six years in

It isn’t always like this. Honestly, there are times when it all seems to just spill over, the images around me, I get too used to them. I don’t know. The moments where I catch myself thinking of Burgundy as simply the place where I live, the place where two of my three children were born, a collection of the many small villages that I’ve walked through when I didn’t have a car that has somehow turned ‘normal’, it bothers me for some reason. Not too long ago I lived right next to San Francisco, I’ve never walked across the Golden Gate bridge. I’ve met so many here that have walked on it, no, ran the full distance of it. To live so close to something wonderful, while being numb to the full gravity of it all…well, it just feels wasteful.


This is why I do my best to look at the small things as much as I can, taking in each aspect of my day as if it will be the last time that I’ll get a chance at it. Time is too precious, the moments too fleeting to not want to draw them close, the inertia of it all sweeping you off center. I typically feel this way. My family, the place where I live, the food, wine. I look around most of the times hoping that I can remember just how beautiful some of the things are that I have been fortunate enough to see, taste and smell.


With my wines, it has been a bit of a different story. I don’t taste the finished product all too often. I know, crazy. But when you are on a micro level such as we are, you start to think about each bottle opened today is one less that we will be able to try later on. I want our children to experience some of our wines as they mature and develop. And besides, we haven’t been at this for ages, most of my wines shouldn’t be opened for a decade or more. Of course I want to know how the wines are maturing, I just feel a bit guilty opening them up too early. Though at times, curiosity gets the best of me or visitors are stopping by, and bottles get opened.


It has been a long time since I’ve tried a few of the wines I opened up the other day. I’ll spare you with tasting notes, I’m biased anyhow. What I will say is that while I am well removed from the idea that my decisions somehow increased the quality of the resulting wines, there are no amount of words that can convey just how proud I am and how fortunate I feel to be in Burgundy with all of the opportunities that life, family, friends and luck have provided me. I find myself shaking my head in disbelief when reflecting on how all of this came together.


For everyone that has helped along the way, I appreciate your support!


All the best,


Ray Walker

2 thoughts on “A moment of reflection – six years in

  1. Hi Ray,

    After reading your book, so much of which I identify with, I want to you know how much I respect what you’ve done. So though I don’t think my path is that of a vintner, I still feel like a wine life is ahead of me. Probably in the form of my version of
    a wine bar. I hope someday to drink one of your wines, that is if I can afford it LOL!

    You have proven that if you really want something bad enough you can get it. You just can’t give up. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Best regards,


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