Happy to get the 13s labelled and ready to ship?


All of the different pieces of our logistics work have now come together in this one moment that I have been eagerly waiting for.  We learned quite a lot while figuring out shipping logistics and have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure we had everything ready to move forward, stronger than ever. That time is now. Pickup is starting this week for a (for us) huge collection of deliveries. If you are waiting for any wine from any vintage,  Updates will trigger as each piece is shipped from our winery.  We greatly appreciate your patience.  We thank you for understanding that this means that we will be exceptionally busy during this period and are focusing on much anticipated deliveries and changes to service  protocols.

It took a great amount of work to get to this point with small amount of lumps taken in the process but the tide has officially shifted and I couldn’t be more proud!

Thank you again to all of those that have supported us!

All the best!

Ray Walker