NEW PAGE!! Shipping News – for all of the latest on shipping as it happens


while we await our new website design, we are working on new ways to enhance the customer experience at Maison Ilan. There are many aspects of our model that will be changing, with a focus on efficiency. At the moment, we are in the middle of shipping out a good amount of wine, to several countries, from several vintages, to both client list members as well as importers. For those interested in knowing the latest on shipping news, please stay tuned to the Shipping News page! All shipping update requests will be directed to this page as it will have a global view of all of the latest information.

As mentioned on the page, if there is a change of address to register, please send an email to us directly with “SHIPPING” as your subject. Otherwise, all shipping information will be updated here as progress is made. It is important for us to provide news as it happens, and not before. We feel this will provide everyone with a clear and accurate view of what has shipped. Along with this, we will contact those that are to receive shipments to confirm shipping information.


Thank you for visiting!

Ray Walker