Behind the Scenes at Maison Ilan

Hello everyone. I know, I’ve been away for a while. The winery, as I mentioned on Facebook yesterday, is closed.

Do to the nature of various aspects, I have decided to make posts here as well as on Facebook detailing the ins and outs of how Maison Ilan functioned and more to the point, what contributed to the eventual dysfunction and eventual shuttering of the winery that I created, nurtured and loved.

Comments will at this time be switched off. However, this may change in the future. For now, please consider the words written here as not only my side of the story that has been intentionally portrayed inaccurately in other parts of the web. The words written here are also presented with facts to back them up.


It’s been a long road since 2009. I write this today after having learned many lessons along the way that have brought me not only understanding, but humility. I’ve hesitated for so long to write these passages. The hesitation was one based upon perspective, rather than fear of retaliation. In all honesty, I hoped to be at a better, if not different place in my life when I sat down to write to you. As it often works in life, in my life specifically, timing is something that remains just outside of my reach. To that end, I’ve decided now to tell my story.

The story that I have to tell you over the coming weeks isn’t one of self promotion, nor one with a necessarily happy ending. What I can offer is honesty, clarity and the best effort I can to stay on topic in these passages. Keep in mind that while the details of this story are of great importance, I will do my best to straddle my natural tendency of being long-winded while attempting to not dumb things down to the point of vagueness.

The passages may be out of order. In fact, count on that. While I aim to speak straight across to you in a chronological order, there are certain aspects to this that find benefit through emphasis. This emphasis will be placed in the form of passages in the order of priority in getting the story across. To be clear, none of what I say today excuses me from anything. I take responsibility where it is my own. Though, I am writing today to be concise and direct about topics which have up until this point, been communicated from one side – without my perspective being provided.


So enjoy the read, and stay tuned for more!